Centrelink Assist

Are you optimising Centrelink benefits to complement your other wealth creation strategies?

Centrelink in many ways, provides a safety net for possible times in your life when things aren’t going exactly to plan. Ensuring that you set yourself up to access any benefits that you may be eligible for as part of your risk management strategy is an important step.

If you have ever dealt with Centrelink before, you may already be aware of how time-consuming it can be. If it is your first time in dealing with them, it can be daunting.

Your Skylight adviser can take the pressure off you when you use our Centrelink Assist service. Once you give us the authority to act on your behalf we can interact with Centrelink for you, lodging necessary forms, making applications and maintaining your information with them while you rest easy.

For a small cost, you can be assured that if needed, your pathway to Centrelink will be faster and your benefits optimised.

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